Half N.Irish/Half Maltese
Born: Yorkshire
East Coast, QL
I dunno

I want to have you there when my big heart stops.

Tanned lyf ✌️

Tanned lyf ✌️

Welcome to nothing 👌

Welcome to nothing 👌

The days and time do not matter here, there’s nothing but weed, cigarettes and goon.

You don’t know fear until you look a brown snake in the eyes. Fuck me it came from no where

Too fucking hot to move

Since I got to the hostel a total of

7 new friends
4 new room mates
3 litres of water downed
12 people offering me weed
1 person I argued with
40 people in total

I don’t think I could be in a stable relationship with someone who didn’t like fall out boy.

Going on Tumblr in public is never a good idea.